Side Effects

The term “side effect” usually has a negative connotation. “This medicine will cure a headache, but it could have negative side effects of causing shortness of breath, drowsiness, etc., or even death.” When it comes to medicine and most other things, it is most often an analysis of the positives and the side effects to determine whether it is worth using. In the article “Waiting for Light”, Jake Abrahamson describes how the side effects of providing for those in need, specifically, providing rechargeable, solar powered LED lanterns to the people of Uttar Pradesh are impressively positive. The primary effect of the lanterns is simply to provide light for the people who use them. The side effects, however, are much more extensive and far reaching. Providing light for these people can allow business owners to increase their hours of operation and let students study longer. This will not only improve these individuals lives, but also the overall economy and school system of the nation. Longer hours of study lead to better knowledge of material taught in schools, which in turn leads to more education and smarter individuals entering the work force. Also, extending hours of operation for businesses increases income for businesses and can increase the amount of jobs available. These small lamps provide so much more than just a little light. The “side effects” of these lamps are much different than the side effects of a new medicine. So, next time you consider giving to someone who has less than you, think not only of the immediate need you are filling, but of the positive side effects your action will have.

Waiting for Light

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