Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat, Weakness Did

As humans, we always seem to instinctively want what is bad for us. From the unhealthiness of our favorite foods, to our viewing of horror movies, we do things that we know are not in our best interests without much resistance. In Curious, Kim Todd discusses this nature as curiousness, but what if it is something else entirely? What if curiosity is really just masking a general lack of self-discipline and will power within human nature. When Adam and Eve at the forbidden fruit, or when Pandora opened the box, it was not naive curiosity, but human weakness and a lack of will power being displayed.

Today, some scientists make the claim that will power is a “limited resource” and that it can be used up and depleted Will Power is a Limited Resource. Other scientists argue, that the procedures in these experiments were not conducted properly or that the data in the experiments is not analyzed properly Is Will Power a Limited Resource?. However, no matter how many studies are done and how many times different scientists re-analyze the data, I can say with the utmost certainty that will-power is something that is built up, not something that is worn down.  Muscles can be fatigued, but in doing this they, trained and strengthened the more they are used. Furthermore, just like muscles, some people have more willpower than others.

If you want to hear more about the ability to increase willpower or just simply be motivated, check out this link where two former Naval Officers are talking about willpower, using the example of getting up early in the morning.



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