Closing Statements

As the year 2016 comes to a close, so does the school semester, and so does this website. I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from all the work I have posted here and done in the class. I have learned both how to interpret information that is presented to me and how to better portray information that I wish to present to the public.

My goal at the beginning of the semester was to improve my ability to use emotion and rhetoric to shape the message of the information I am presenting. While I believe that I definitely improved in that area, I also know that it is still something that I need to continue getting better at. Furthermore, while I originally only aimed to improve in that one aspect of my communicating skills, I have made progress in many more areas. I have learned how to effectively synthesize information from multiple scientific sources in different mediums and how to interpret the meaning of different information based on the way in which it is presented.

Ultimately, while I have learned a lot in this class, I don’t think communication or science communication is something I would like to pursue long term. It is very interesting and I believe that I know more than average about it now, but I believe my personal talents lie elsewhere. However, the knowledge is still invaluable and I can definitely apply in the areas of my life I will continue to pursue.