Common First Week Video Reflection

Common First-Week Video Reflection

  1. Describe your process.
    1. Which steps did you find most effective? Least?
      • I started by brainstorming a general idea of what I struggle with when it comes to communication, and I decided on the creative aspect of oral communication. I then wrote a script outlining everything I was going to say, as well as how I was going to film the video by starting with just a video of a blank wall and ending the video with me showing more emotion. Finally, I filmed the video multiple times, I chose the best takes to edit, and I uploaded the video to YouTube.
    2. What part of your project are you most satisfied with and why?
      • I am most satisfied with the creative aspect of starting with an image of a black and white wall in the video because it symbolized my inability to convey emotion often and come across as a “blank, emotionless wall”. I the past I haven’t been able to come up with creative ideas very easily and often result to doing a task in the most straightforward way possible.
    3. If you could redo any part of your process or product, what would you change and why?
      • If I could redo any part of the video, it would be to film more takes and make sure my speaking was perfect and the audio was devoid of any background noise. I always believe I can speak more clearly and eloquently and background noise takes away from the attention of the audience.