Comparison of Muddy Bot Articles

  • Location
    • offical institute website versus a science news page
  • Ads
    • Georgia tech has links to other scientific articles while Popular science has ads to websites like amazon and links to pop culture articles
  • Word Choice
    • Popular science is more creative, while Georgia Tech is more scientific
  • Structure
    • Georgia Tech’s article is very organized and logical, while the Popular Science article is an overviw and somewhat skips around
  • Length
    • Georgia Tech goes into much more detail and analysis of the subject, while Popular Science gives only a brief overview. Popular Science is more structured like an explanation of a news headline, while Georgia Tech gives and in depth explanation of the subject.
  • Credibility
    • Georgia Tech cites multiple credible sources, validating each argument it makes or piece of information it provides, controversy, Popular Science only uses a few quotes.