Peer Review of Spinning Science


  • Rhetorical Awareness: Developing
  • Stance: Competent
  • Development of Ideas: Competent
  • Organization: Mature
  • Conventions: Mature
  • Design for Medium: Competent


I need to tie the three pictures together better, specifically analyzing the backgrounds. Some of my points were unified, but I need to improve the logical progression of my analysis. Furthermore, I need to read over my project as a whole to improve the flow and how it reads.

If I were to revise my project, I would first improve the grammar and flow of the entire project. I need to read through and edit the text multiple times. Also, I would discuss the drab colors in the first image and analyze that background more to highlight and solidify my claims about the second images background. Finally, I would discuss Cancer Research UK’s reasoning behind asking for 2 pounds a month rather than just giving my opinion of why it is less effective.