Looking at our groups revised text, I am impressed with what we created. When we started the project and came up with our genre and general plan, I would never have thought that we would end up with a full-website with intricate features each dedicated to a purpose. I think that this can be attributed to our group taking time to divide up the tasks at the beginning of the project and each member dedicating time to complete the tasks as well as continuously come up with new ideas. Due to this, the genre fit the purpose very well in that the final website was very accessible, employed ethos through the use of the Georgia Tech branding, sophistication of the website, and the attached research, and employed pathos through the video and explanation of the dangerous nature of brain injuries.
Furthermore, what I like best about the project is its versatility and completeness. Our project was not just making a website, but also included research, creative writing, and marketing. The group was able to accomplish this versatility by playing on all of the group members strengths. Personally, I am not very creative in general, but given a direction to go in I can work to figure problems out and explain them. This is why I mainly focused on research, statistics and understanding the science behind brain research and brain injuries. The biggest challenge for our group was finding times to meet. However, through communication and focus, we were able to make sure that all the tasks were completed and done well.