In the analysis of this advertisement, I was surprised to find how much detail the producers went into, in order to influence their audience to donate. When I think of ads made by charity, I assume that they are under budgeted and aren’t as effective as advertisements made by large corporation. However, I found that each image present in the video was there for a reason. From the actions of the people, to  the background of the text asking for donations. Furthermore, I only explored the visual aspect of the video and didn’t even go into the audio.

The genre of advertisement made it easy to identify the tactics used and the purpose. All charities are seeking money, regardless of their intent. However, I want my audience to understand that even though Cancer Research UK’s purpose is asking for money and they play on the viewers’ emotions to do that, it doesn’t make them ‘evil’.  The money the foundation is asking for goes to a very good cause and the tactics and effectiveness of the ad doesn’t take away from that.