Rhetoric in the Transforming Tech Science Project

Rhetoric focuses on available means of persuasion, considering the synergy of factors such as context, audience, purpose, role, argument, organization, design, visuals, and conventions of language


In my groups transforming Tech science project, we used rhetoric in order to transform a simple advertisement for a lab in the form of a flyer in the CULC, into a multi-modal website in which all of its components were used to inform the reader of the labs purpose and encourage the reader to donate to the Lab. For example, the bold statement on the home page, “Brain research needs you, for you”, immediately encourages the reader to donate as soon as they visit the website. This statement accomplishes its goal by personalizing the cause of brain research and making the following information about them. It not only immediately asks the reader to donate, but also sets the reader up to take in the rest of the information in the website in a way that makes them want to further help the cause of the lab.