Spinning Science


The advertisement I will be analyzing is called “Mirrors” and it is made by Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK is a charity dedicated to cancer research of all kinds. Their YouTube page says they are “the world’s leading independent charity dedicated to cancer research. The ad primarily employs pathos through the invocation of the sadness of losing a loved one. The images of family members disappearing in the mirror is relatable to everyone, especially those who have lost family members specifically to cancer. The purpose of this ad is to convince the audience to donate money to Cancer Research UK. This money then allows the charity to fund research projects, primarily conducted by the Francis Crick Institute. The topic of lost love ones seems to be very effective in making the scientific problem personal to the audience. Even if someone has not lost a family member to cancer, everyone has loved ones that they do not want to lose to cancer in the future. Furthermore, the concluding image of a mother and her daughter suggests unity and the ability to avoid the tragedy of cancer. However, in asking for 2 pounds a month the ad could somewhat deter the viewer from donating because of the continuing nature of the donation. In total, the advertisement does a good job of hooking the audience, and making the issue personal, but it needs to express that viewers can make a onetime donation to maximize the amount of money they are receiving.