The Suggestion of Hope


The conclusion of this advertisement uses a scene opposite of its introduction. Now the mother and her child embrace,  able to share in each other’s lives rather than be separated. Furthermore, the girl is dressed and acts as a child, and is allowed to live a normal care free life. The ‘mirror’ used in this scene reflects a desirable future that was only possible due to health and the absence of cancer. Also, not only are the actions and emotions of the parent and child different, but the room is also much brighter, with the light of the lamp shining on the pair, illuminating their love and joy.

This scene encourages the viewer to be relieved, but not in a way that they think the problem is no longer relevant. Rather, the viewer is presented with clear solution to the problem and a way to avoid the painful emotions that were presented in the beginning of the ad. The text solidifies the point to the reader using statics and logic to validate the emotional argument.