The Values of Science

The ultimate pursuit or goal of science is knowledge. No matter what the drive behind the science is, its purpose is always to lead to greater understanding. Ultimately, at the core of science, research can be directed into two places, self-awareness, or awareness of the world around us. However, if we are not able to understand ourselves, how can we be able to understand what is outside of us? Furthermore, the more we understand about ourselves, the more we question the world around us.

Being self-aware, means knowing what you are capable of. The more that is discovered and understood about how the body and brain work together, the more it becomes clear that human bodies are often much more capable than human wills. Take two different people: Scott Jurek and a Navy SEAL candidate. Scientists analyze both and research the complex actions and connections of the human body and brain that are necessary to complete the great tasks that these men undertake. In both cases, scientists find that there are complex processes that occur, but never “breaks into conscious awareness”.