Topic and Genre Declaration

The two texts I will be analyzing will be Sam Schramski’s “Running is Always Blind” and an excerpt focusing on Navy SEALs from “The Brain: Mystery Explained”, a History channel documentary. The medium I will compose in will be a podcast with supplementing images. My original written material will be my script for the podcast. The value I will be exploring will be the value of self-awareness and understanding. In the Schramski article, this value is explored as it relates trail-running and how the brain and body communicate and adapt. In the History channel documentary excerpt, this value is manifested through the analysis of fear and the response of the brain to stress. While the two situations and aspects explored in these two texts are very different, both deal with the benefits and power of understanding the human brain and how it works in different situations. I chose these two texts primarily because of my interest in neuroscience and psychology, specifically relating to mental toughness and pushing the body and the brain to their limits. I am always looking at new ways to try to improve my own self-awareness and see how others are improving theirs. I believe that knowing oneself is one of the most important aspects of life. It is empowering, and cannot only be helpful towards one’s own life, but also for others. Furthermore, as it is my goal to be commissioned as a Naval Officer in four years, I am always intrigued with the connection between science and the military. I am committed to completing this project individually.
Running is Always Blind